Pleaters in Melbourne since 1925

Specialty Pleaters are stylistic fabric origamists. We will personally tailor our pleating services to your designs and specifications. We can work with you to achieve your original intention or provide input on alternative designs that will further enhance the structure of your material to make ‘that design’ just so much more.

With out 80+ years of experience, we have serviced a diverse and inordinate range of customers in the ‘rag trade’ and specialise in professionally pleating wedding, bridal and couture garments, bridesmaids dresses, kilts, schoolwear and sports uniforms, curtains and lampshades, hats, fashion school projects and one off’s to name a few.

Whilst we pride ourselves on working with many renowned brands and fashion labels through our expansive customer list  – we always respect every client and NO JOB is too small.  We’re more than happy to offer guidance and assistance when and as required.

We have a diverse range of traditional, non traditional and modern pleats.

Specialty Pleaters are truly indebted to be associated with the highly esteemed pleaters in New York – International Pleating.

Simon Zdraweski Artisan pleater

Simon Zdraweski is the owner and resident artisan pleater. Having learnt everything there is to know from the original owner of specialty pleaters. His appreciation and passion for the pleating can be seen in his vast knowledge and beautifully crafted pieces.